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We need Divination Bloggers!

Updated: Apr 8

We're looking for freelance Bloggers to support 3 different Blogs we're starting here at Coyote Moon! If you'd like to submit an application please send us a sample Blog on one of the following topics:

Spirituality Options (choose one):

  1. How to create a Spiritual Practice

  2. The Effects of Spirituality in your Life

  3. What is Spirituality?

Crystals Options (choose one):

  1. Amethyst, Metaphysical & Stone Information, w/a Ritual

  2. Usage, Care & Keeping of 3 stones of choice

  3. Pick a stone/crystal of Celtic Origin and tell us a story

Divination Options (choose one):

  1. Astrology - Tell us about the upcoming Full Moon

  2. Tarot - Tell us all about the STAR card

  3. Smudging - who, what, where, how, why, and origin of up to 3 kinds

Do not send us questions about any of these topics or options. Be creative and utilize these options as a guideline/suggestion to get you started. Your articles should take 5-10 minutes to read, be clear to understand, must contain a reference to Coyote Moon products, services, or events (make them up if you need to), can not contain links to any other sources or sites, and must be your own writing!

We are looking for one-time bloggers and resident bloggers as well. We will notify you ONLY if we intend to use your blog or if we would like you to submit another article. We have many submissions, this could take time.

Please list any of your published work resume style separately from your article and links to your work if that applies. This is not a requirement.

Your Blog Article submission will become the property of Coyote Moon once sent and can not be used, posted, or shared with any other platform. Coyote Moon may use your article at any time. Submission does not guarantee usage.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to reading your blog!

To Submit your Blog Article: email

Subject Line Must Read **Blog Applicant - Topic**

(include the asterisks & list the topic you chose Spirituality/Divination/Crystals).

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