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Use (5th) Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra Spray for balancing the throat chakra, encouraging creative expression, clear communication, and healthy relationships.


Size: 2 oz. spray


Imbalances in the Vishuddha or throat chakra may manifest as:

  • Communication issues/misunderstandings
  • Relationship problems
  • Lowered self esteem
  • Creative blocks/writer’s block
  • Sore throat, voice loss/resistance to speaking up
  • Earaches/resistance to hearing certain truths
  • Metabolic/thyroid issues


How it Works:

Shanti Kai’s Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra™ spray can be used directly over the front and back of the Throat Chakra, as well as the forehead and chest region to help balance and open this chakra.


A balanced Throat Chakra can promote:

  • Releasing fear/trauma around saying the wrong thing, or being silenced
  • Empowered self-expression
  • Improved communications and stronger relationships
  • Giving you a “creative edge”
  • Improved voice quality (attention singers/vocalists)


More on Vishuddha:

The Fifth or Throat Chakra, known in Sanskrit as Vishuddha, is located towards the base of the neck in the throat region and relates to communication, expression, the thyroid gland, voice, and sense of hearing. The throat chakra is also related to the energy of ether and is commonly depicted as Aqua or turquoise blue.

Key ingredients: While Shanti Kai blends are proprietary, a few key ingredients include blue apatite, native Hawaiian pohinahina, and blue topaz.


Ingredients: Vibrational infusions of 7 flowers, 1 orchid, 12 gemstones, 2 precious metals, 6 essential oils, and frequencies of aqua light in 20% alcohol and purified water.



3-5 sprays 2x/day or as needed or desired, especially over throat area, base of skull, back and sides of neck, inside mouth, and/or throughout aura. Shake well. (Note: Toothpaste, sugar, alcohol, refined foods, or tobacco within 30 minutes of use may minimize or negate effects.)



*Made in Hawaii


Want to learn more about Shanti Kai Hawaiian Essences? Click here.


* Statements made about products sold by Coyote Moon Crystals and Gifts have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

(5th) Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra Spray

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