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Bring the calming and soothing energy of Amazonite into your life with our tumbled stones. Each piece is hand-picked for you at random, ensuring that the stone that finds its way to you is the perfect fit for your needs. As a natural stone, each tumbled Amazonite will vary in size, shape, and color, making it a truly unique addition to your collection. Whether you're drawn to its gentle energy or simply love the gorgeous blue-green hues, these tumbled stones are a must-have for any crystal enthusiast. Embrace the powerful metaphysical properties of Amazonite and let its peaceful vibrations bring balance and harmony into your life.


*Chosen at random.


**Natural Stone. Stone may vary in size, shape and color other than the one pictured.

Amazonite Tumbled

SKU: 6826
  • Amazonite, a striking bluish-green variety of potassium feldspar, has intrigued scientists with its unique coloration and mineralogical properties. Recent studies have shed light on the processes that contribute to amazonite's distinctive hue, revealing that its color can be attributed to the presence of lead and water within its crystal structure. Research published in Geoscience World highlights that the coloration of amazonite is a result of irradiation coloring, which requires the mineral to contain structurally bound H2O and Pb impurities. This process involves the first-order reaction kinetics of color formation, emphasizing the role of these elements in giving amazonite its characteristic color (Geoscience World, "A spectroscopic study of irradiation coloring of amazonite: structurally hydrous, Pb-bearing feldspar"). Furthermore, studies on the luminescence properties of natural amazonite have shown that it exhibits specific ultraviolet band measurements, providing deeper insights into its composition and the factors influencing its aesthetic appeal (ScienceDirect, "Study of the luminescence properties of a natural amazonite"). These findings contribute to our understanding of amazonite's crystal chemistry and the conditions under which its beautiful color is formed, making it not only a gemstone cherished for its appearance but also a subject of scientific curiosity.

  • The concern around the potential toxicity of amazonite primarily stems from its chemical composition. Amazonite is a type of microcline feldspar containing trace amounts of lead (Pb) as an impurity, which is integral to its distinctive green or blue-green color. Lead is known for its toxic effects on human health, particularly when ingested or inhaled as dust. However, it's important to note that in the solid form of amazonite, these lead particles are bound within the crystal structure of the mineral, posing minimal risk under normal handling conditions. The risk of exposure to lead from amazonite would significantly increase only if the stone were to be ingested, inhaled as dust (e.g., during cutting or grinding without proper protective measures), or if it were to come into prolonged direct contact with skin, allowing lead to potentially leach out. While the risk of toxicity from casual or decorative use of amazonite is extremely low, these considerations highlight the importance of handling the mineral safely, especially in lapidary contexts or when used in jewelry that maintains prolonged skin contact.

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