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Paul Jensen Signature Collection

.925 Sterling Silver Amethyst Infinite Eye (TM) with Danburite Necklace.

Amethyst purifies and amplifies healing and spiritual energies. Balances the emotions. Transmutes energy blocks. Moderates’ overindulgence.


Danburite helps let your light shine. Carries a very high vibration that stimulates the 6th and 7th chakras. Used in treatment of gallbladder and liver. Assist in the removal of toxins.


Made in the USA


Not intended as a substitute for medical care.


Comes with information card about the stone.

Pendant: Approx. 
Chain: 18" Box


*Chain cannot be exchanged for a different size or style.

Amethyst Infinite Eye (TM) w/ Danburite Necklace .925 Silver

SKU: 61816
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  • Clearing your crystal: bring an essence of peace into your being and fill yourself with it. Focus your attention on the crystal and use your intention to place the essence of purity into the crystal with a “Forced Exhale” through the nose.

    Programming your Crystal: once your crystal has been cleared it is ready to be programmed, we recommend simple programming, such as peace, well-being and love. Focus on bringing the essence of your choosing into your lungs. Place your attention on the crystal and use a “Forced Exhale” through the nose to intend those essences into your crystal.

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