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Discover the allure of natural tumbled Bixbite, also known as Red Beryl, with our carefully selected stones ranging from 1/16" to 1/4". Each piece is a unique representation of this rare gem, showcasing variations in size, shape, and color that add to its individual charm. Explore the metaphysical properties of Bixbite, believed to awaken the heart chakra, promote love, and stimulate creativity. Embrace the vibrancy of Bixbite and its potential to enhance emotional balance and inner strength.

Size: 1/16" to 1/4"

*Randomly selected for you.

*Stone may vary slightly in size, shape and color other than the one pictured.

Bixbite Tumbled

SKU: 54390
  • Bixbite, scientifically known as red beryl, is a rare gemstone that belongs to the beryl mineral family. It is characterized by its vivid red color, which is caused by trace amounts of manganese. Bixbite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, with most specimens found in Utah, USA. Its rarity and unique color make it highly sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts. In terms of composition, bixbite shares similarities with other beryl varieties like emerald and aquamarine but stands out due to its exceptional red hue, making it a prized gem in the world of mineralogy and gemology.

  • Bixbite, like other beryl minerals, is generally considered non-toxic and safe to handle. Its chemical composition primarily includes beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate, which is stable and does not pose significant health risks under normal handling conditions. However, it is important to note that beryllium, a component of bixbite, can be hazardous if inhaled as dust or fumes, potentially causing lung disease. Therefore, while the intact gemstone poses no threat, precautions should be taken during cutting or grinding processes to prevent inhalation of beryllium particles. Overall, bixbite is not toxic in its natural, unaltered form.

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