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Introducing our stunning Rough Black Kyanite, a must-have for any crystal enthusiast or someone seeking to balance their energy. This natural, raw stone is perfect for grounding and protection, making it an ideal addition to any collection. Known for its ability to absorb negative energy and help with energy blockages, this rough black kyanite is a powerful tool for spiritual healing and transformation. Whether you're looking to enhance your meditation practice or simply surround yourself with positive energy, this rough black kyanite is a beautiful and powerful addition to any metaphysical collection. Each piece is unique and measures approximately 2-3 inches in length.


*Stone will be randomly selected for you.

*Stone may vary slightly in size, shape and color other than the one pictured.

Black Kyanite Rough

SKU: 9299
  • Black Kyanite is a fascinating aluminum-rich silicate mineral, distinguished by its unique formation under extremely high pressure within pegmatites. It's recognized as one of the three polymorphs of Al2SiO5, sharing the same chemical formula but differing in internal atomic structure from its counterparts. This polymorphism contributes to its diverse physical properties and appearances, including the presence of dark hues attributed to inclusions of graphite, magnetite, ilmenite, and annite. Predominantly found in aluminum-rich metamorphic pegmatites and sedimentary rock, Black Kyanite is celebrated not only for its geological significance but also for its utilization in meditation and energy work, where it's revered for its potent ability to clear blockages and negative energies

  • Black Kyanite is generally considered non-toxic and safe for handling and use in various applications, including jewelry-making and metaphysical practices. Unlike some minerals that can release harmful dust or have toxic elements, Black Kyanite does not contain any known substances that pose a significant health risk when it is handled under normal conditions. However, as with all minerals, it is advisable to wash hands after handling and avoid inhaling any dust that may be generated from breaking or cutting the stone, as inhaling mineral dust can be harmful over time. In essence, while Black Kyanite itself is not toxic, standard safety precautions should be observed during its processing to avoid any potential irritation or harm from fine particulates.

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