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Introducing our Hematite Tumbled stones, hand-picked at random just for you. These natural stones are each unique in size, shape, and color, adding to their individual beauty and metaphysical properties. Hematite is known for its grounding and protective qualities, making it a popular choice for those seeking to stay rooted and centered in their spiritual practice. Whether you use it for meditation, manifestation, or simply as a decorative accent, our Hematite Tumbled stones are sure to bring a sense of balance and stability to your life. Add this powerful crystal to your collection today and experience the unique energy it has to offer.


*Chosen at random for you.

**Natural stone. Stone may vary in size, shape, and color than the one pictured.

Hematite Tumbled

SKU: 3933
  • Hematite, a naturally occurring form of iron oxide (Fe2O3), showcases a wealth of intriguing scientific properties that have captivated researchers across various fields. Its magnetic characteristics, as outlined in studies, reveal complex behaviors under different conditions, highlighting its potential in numerous applications ranging from environmental remediation to data storage. Additionally, the material's charge transport capabilities and photoelectrochemical properties are of particular interest, especially in the realm of solar fuel synthesis, where hematite's ability to act as a photoelectrode could revolutionize energy conversion processes. The synthesis and structural transformations of hematite nanoparticles further underscore its versatility and adaptability, with size-dependent changes influencing phase transitions and facilitating novel applications in nanotechnology and materials science. Moreover, the geological formation of hematite, dating back over 2.76 billion years, provides valuable insights into Earth's early atmospheric conditions and the role of oxygenated groundwater in mineral genesis, underscoring hematite's significance not only in contemporary scientific endeavors but also in understanding our planet's history.

  • Hematite, an iron oxide mineral, is generally recognized for its stability and non-flammable nature, indicating minimal risk of hazardous combustion or unusual fire and explosion hazards. However, safety data sheets and hazard summaries emphasize the necessity for caution regarding its physical form, especially particulate matter. Inhalation or ingestion of hematite particles can lead to mechanical irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and in more severe cases, could result in iron poisoning, particularly in pediatric ingestions where rapid increases in iron levels have been documented. Protective measures, including avoiding breathing in dust and preventing skin or eye contact, are advised to mitigate these risks. Moreover, while massive ingestions may lead to the formation of concretions or bezoars, medical interventions such as whole-bowel irrigation, endoscopy, or even surgical gastrotomy might be required in extreme cases to remove ingested tablets, underscoring the importance of handling hematite with care in various contexts

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