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Bring the captivating and mystical energy of Labradorite into your life with these beautiful tumbled stones. Each piece showcases the stone's signature iridescent flashes of blue, green, and gold, making it a mesmerizing addition to any collection. Labradorite is associated with spiritual growth, intuition, and transformation, making it a perfect choice for mindfulness practices and meditation. Use these tumbled stones to enhance your connection to the higher realms and to bring a sense of protection and positivity into your space. Whether you're a crystal enthusiast or looking for a unique gift, these tumbled Labradorite stones are sure to add a touch of magic to your life.


*Stone will be randomly selected for you.

*Stone may vary slightly in size, shape and color other than the one pictured.

Labradorite Tumbled

SKU: 3956
  • Labradorite, a captivating member of the Feldspar family, is renowned for its mesmerizing play of colors known as labradorescence, which showcases a spectrum of spectral hues due to internal fractures that reflect light. This mineral, found in a diverse array of geological settings including Canada, Norway, and Finland, plays a significant role in Earth's crust as one of the most abundant groups of minerals. Its chemical composition allows for a range of albite to anorthite ratios, making it a plagioclase feldspar with variations that contribute to its unique visual properties. Additionally, Labradorite holds a special place in both geological and healing communities; it is not only a stone that fascinates with its natural beauty but also offers a variety of metaphysical attributes, such as stimulating the throat chakra.

  • Labradorite is generally considered safe and non-toxic for handling and use in jewelry or decorative items. Unlike some minerals that can release harmful substances or dust, labradorite does not contain elements known to be dangerous to humans through skin contact or inhalation. Its composition mainly consists of silicates, part of the plagioclase feldspar family, which are inert and lack toxic components. However, as with any mineral or gemstone, it is advisable to wash your hands after handling raw specimens to avoid potential irritation from microscopic particles or dust. For lapidary artists or those working extensively with cutting and polishing labradorite, wearing protective equipment like masks and goggles is recommended to prevent inhalation of fine particulates generated during the process, which could cause mechanical irritation to the respiratory system.

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