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Enhance your spiritual journey with our Tumbled Larvikite stones, sourced from the rocky mountains of Norway. The smooth, polished surface of these stones showcase the stunning iridescent colors and shimmering flecks of Larvikite, making them a beautiful addition to any crystal collection. Known for its protective and grounding properties, Larvikite is believed to help shield the aura from negative energy and promote a sense of inner stability. Whether you're looking to deepen your meditation practice or simply add some earthy elegance to your space, these Tumbled Larvikite stones are a must-have for anyone interested in metaphysical healing and energy work. Each stone is unique, so expect some variation in size, shape, and color.


*Stone will be randomly selected for you.

*Stone may vary slightly in size, shape and color other than the one pictured.

Larvikite Tumbled

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  • Larvikite is a distinctive igneous rock predominantly composed of feldspar, which crystallizes in the form of black, coarse-grained textural presentations. Classified scientifically as a variety of Syenite/monzonite, larvikite is rich in anorthoclase, a type of feldspar, and is noted for its striking appearance that includes a reflective schiller effect caused by the presence of ternary feldspars. This rock is primarily found in Norway and Canada, where it is not only valued for its aesthetic appeal but also its scientific significance. Larvikite's unique composition and the iridescent quality of its feldspar crystals make it a subject of interest in geological studies, placing it within the family of feldspar-rich plutonic rocks known as syenites

  • Larvikite, primarily composed of feldspar minerals and known for its distinctive reflective qualities, is not classified as toxic. This igneous rock, ubiquitous in geological formations and widely utilized in both interior and exterior design applications, does not release harmful substances under normal handling and use conditions. Similar to other natural stones used in construction and decorative arts, larvikite is chemically inert in environments typically encountered by humans. Therefore, it poses no toxicity risk to individuals during its installation, use in architectural projects, or when crafted into jewelry or ornamental items. Its non-toxic nature aligns with that of many natural stones, making it a safe choice for various applications beyond its visual appeal.

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