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Lepidolite is a beautiful and powerful crystal known for its calming and balancing properties. Our Tumbled Lepidolite is the perfect addition to any crystal collection, with its lovely lavender color and shimmering appearance. This stone is believed to help reduce stress and anxiety, making it a great tool for meditation and relaxation. It is also said to promote emotional healing and balance, making it a valuable companion during times of transition or upheaval. Each tumbled stone is unique and will vary slightly in size and shape, but all are hand-selected for their high quality and vibrant energy.


*Stone will be randomly selected for you.

*Stone may vary slightly in size, shape and color other than the one listed.

Lepidolite Tumbled

SKU: 11214
  • Lepidolite is a remarkable lithium-rich mica mineral, renowned for its vibrant pink, red, or purple hues, making it the most abundant source of lithium among minerals. Named after the Greek word for "scale" due to its layered structure, lepidolite is not only aesthetically pleasing but also holds significant scientific interest for its composition which includes lithium and rare metals like cesium and rubidium. It boasts a hardness of 2½ - 3½ on the Mohs scale and has a specific gravity between 2.8 and 2.9, placing it in the monoclinic crystal system. This mineral is commonly found as a matrix for other minerals such as tourmaline and quartz, enhancing their beauty and value. Beyond its physical properties, lepidolite is believed to possess soothing qualities, balancing the body's energy and promoting gentleness and softness towards others

  • Lepidolite, as a mineral composed primarily of lithium, aluminum, and silicate, is generally regarded as non-toxic for handling in its natural, solid form. However, caution should be exercised if the mineral is ground into a fine dust, as inhaling mineral dust can be harmful to the lungs regardless of the mineral's composition. The principal component of concern in lepidolite is lithium, which, while essential in small quantities for human health, can be toxic in large doses if ingested. Therefore, direct ingestion of lepidolite or exposure to substantial quantities of its dust should be avoided to prevent potential lithium toxicity. Despite these precautions, lepidolite is widely used in crystal healing and is considered safe for external use, such as in jewelry or as a decorative item, where it does not pose a significant health risk.

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