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Introducing our stunning Tumbled Mookaite - a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their metaphysical practices and crystal collection. Mookaite is known for its rich, earthy colors and is believed to promote a deep connection to the earth, making it an excellent stone for grounding and stability. Each tumbled stone is unique in both its color and pattern, making it a beautiful addition to any crystal grid or altar. This powerful stone is also said to enhance intuition and promote a sense of adventure, perfect for those looking to expand their spiritual journey. Add this Tumbled Mookaite to your collection today and feel the transformative energy it brings to your life.


*Stone will be randomly selected for you.

*Stone may vary slightly in size shape and color other than the one pictured.

Mookaite Tumbled

SKU: 2601
  • Mookaite, also known as Mookaite Jasper or scientifically referred to as Windalia Radiolarite, is a distinctive variety of radiolarite found exclusively in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia. Its formation dates back to the Cretaceous period (approximately 145 million years ago), highlighting its rich geological history. This silicified porcellanite mineral, which can be fossiliferous, indicating the presence of fossils within, captures the interest of geologists and scientific researchers due to its unique geological composition and the insights it provides into the Earth's historical biological and environmental conditions. The area where Mookaite is sourced was formed from the skeletal remains of aquatic organisms, adding to its fascinating origins and making it a notable subject within geological and metaphysical studies alike

  • Mookaite, like most varieties of jasper, is generally considered non-toxic and safe for handling and use in various applications, including jewelry making and as a decorative element. Its composition primarily involves silica (SiO2), which does not release toxic substances under normal conditions of use. However, caution should be exercised during the lapidary process—cutting, grinding, or polishing—since inhaling dust particles from any type of rock or mineral can be harmful to the respiratory system. It's always advisable to use appropriate protective gear, such as masks and ventilation systems, when working with minerals in their raw form to prevent inhalation of fine particulates. For everyday users and collectors, Mookaite poses no known health risks, making it a popular choice for personal and decorative use.

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